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About Us

“Boddhi Tree Foundation” is a wonderful journey which was started by our Founder Director Mr. Deepak Nanda for the welfare of society and to dedicate themselves into the education of the underprivileged children. Education is the only way that can build the right path for our future generation to follow and reach the right destination.
About Us

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“Gautama Buddha’’ is the name that always reminds us of the Boddhi tree. The tree was the environment of enlightenment. Every child needs to grow in a positive environment and under a guide who protects, teaches, and shows the right path in the journey of life. The positive environment is the schools and the teachers are the guides, who provide strong support in making and building a better life for our future generation. Many children are growing but missing the basic level of guidance, missing the right education of teachers, or anyone else in the family. They do not sleep with a good night story which gives a little quote of moral at the end. Life goes on on a different path that does not warn or stop on wrongdoings. Earning a livelihood is difficult for their family and they lack on all kinds of necessities like food, healthcare, or social behavior. They do not have the privilege of good education and a better life and thus they are underprivileged.


Boddhi Tree Foundation details of Academic Year:


  1. Academic Year 2018-2019
    First location started with 8 students and had 105 students at the end. Classes taken only on Sundays for 1st to 8th grades.
  2. Academic Year 2019-2020
    Four locations started with 71 students and had 249 in March 2020.

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